Winner of 50 yard EBR 2019

RRP 1199€
With Alu bottle, fixed reg, classic buttpad

Winner of 50 yard at Extreme Benchrest 2019

Prophet beat all its competitors at Extreme Benchrest competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2019.

With our Long Range Pellet barrel in .22, Prophet was superior.

Highest score at 75 yard EBR

Prophet acheived all time high score at 75 yard, 240 points out of 250 points with 10 X's at EBR 2019.

Second Prophet shooter had 234 points with 8 X's and third Prophet shooter had 233 with 7 X's.

Multi Calibers

Prophet is available in 4.5 (.177), 5.5 (.22), 6.35 (.25), 7.62 (.30) calibers and arrow barrel.

What's included?

In standard configuration, Alu bottle, fixed reg, classic buttpad, plenum extension and 20 MOA picatinny rail. Cal 5,5 (.22) comes with Long Range Pellet Barrel.

RRP 1199

Rifle is retailing at 1199. Please contact our retailers for more info.

Side lever cocking

Tactical side lever cocking mechanism, placed on front left side for easy access and fast repetition.

Plenum Extension

Plenum Extension gives you an extra 22ccm of regulator air volume. Total of 57ccm of regulated air volume. Compatible with Priest as well.

20MOA Picatinny

Prophet comes equiped with 20 MOA picatinny rail so you can take those long shots with ease.

Hi-Cap Bottle with Regulator

Prophet comes with a 320cc buddy bottle which has a working pressure of 300bar. On top of it it has a pressure regulator which is by default set to 125bar. This combination allows us to make a whole lot of consistent shots. Adjustable regulator and carbon bottle are also available.

Standard Edition

On the image you can see standard setup of the Prophet which comes with fixed regulator, aluminium bottle, fixed stock/buttpad and 20 MOA picatinny rail. Tan Cerakoted colour is available as an extra.


Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator

To satisfy the most advanced shooters, we have developed a new pressure regulator for Priest/Prophet series which allows the shooter to adjust pressure externally without having to empty the tank.

Pressure can be regulated from 80 bar to 200 bar.

It can be bought as an addition and can be fitted on all the Priests (old or new) or Prophets. Thread on the bottle side is M18x1.5. Thread on the output side is G1/2-14.

Extended Stock with Adjustable Hammer Spring Screw

Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator works best with the Extended Stock which allows the shooter to adjust hammer spring tension to desired setting, so optimal performance can be achieved.

Stock can be fitted to all versions of Priest and Prophet.

Carbon Bottle 0.5L

In order to get an even lighter (200g lighter) and better balanced rifle with more shots per fill we are offering Carbon Bottle as an addition.

Carbon Bottle's volume is 0.5L whereas volume of Aluminium bottle is 0.35L. You can expect around 40 % more shots per fill.

Inter-changeable Calibers

No matter in which caliber you purchase the rifle, all you need to do, to change the caliber, is to buy a new caliber kit which contains barrel, pellet pusher and shroud cap which are all the necessary parts to do the transformation. (Barrel exchange tool is not included in the kit).

Ambidextrous Mag

Since the magazine is not centered, it can be inserted from both directions, so even if you are a lefty, the magazine is not in your way.

Threaded Muzzle

For those who want even quieter rifle, there's a 1/2" UNF thread under the cap so a moderator can be mounted.

Adjustable Trigger

First and second stage of the trigger can be easily adjusted down to 200g.

Two Picatinny and two Dovetails

Rifle is equipped with a 170mm of picatinny rail so you can fit whichever optics you prefer. Another picatinny is located on the bottom of the front body which can be used for any number of accessories, such as bipod. There are also two dovetails located on the side of the front body.


In standard setup Prophet achieves consistent 45J in caliber 5.5 (.22) throughout its whole bottle capacity which yields out more than 110 shots. At 180 bar it can acheive 85 joules in caliber 5.5 (.22).

5,5 (.22) Long Range Pellet Barrel

Standard airgun barrels were never meant for shooting at high velocities (eg. 300m/s) at extreme long ranges (eg. 100m). This is why we developed a custom Lothar Walther airgun barrel for Long Range Pellet shooting. The barrel is capable of shooting JSB Monsters Redesigned (25 grains) at 320 m/s at 100m without loosing the stability of the projectile. The barrel comes as standard with the Prophet.

Technical information

4.5 (.177) 5.5 (.22) 6.35 (.25) 7.62 (.30)
Rifle can also be bought in 7J, 16J, 20J or 24J
24J 45J / /
Shots per fill / 110 (45J, 0.35L)
70 (85J, 0.5L)
70 (85J, 0.5L) 70 (100J, 0.5L)
Max Energy/Velocity
At 180 bar (with adjustable regulator and extended stock)
/ 85J (35gr - 280 mps / 918 fps)
78J (25gr - 310 mps / 1017 fps)
/ /
Air Capacity 320 cc
Max filling pressure 300 bar
Plenum Volume 57 ccm
Bottle Removable aluminium buddy bottle
Magazine capacity 14 12 10 7
Max pellet length in magazine
which still fits in the magazine (all calibers)
12 mm
Max pellet length single shot
which can fit in to the barrel without the magazine (all calibers)
16 mm
Trigger 2 stage, adjustable down to 200 g
Cocking system Side lever
Grip Standard AR15 grip (must be without beaver tail)
Barrel CZ 20", 12 grooves, 1:17,7", choked LW 24", 6 grooves, 1:32", choked CZ 24", 10 grooves, 1:17,7", choked LW 24", 6 grooves, 1:16", choked
Arrow Barrel Available as an addition (Arrows X7 2212)
Caliber Kits Different caliber kits can be bought as an addition so you can easily change a caliber of your rifle
Pressure regulator By default set to 125bar.
Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator available as an addition.
Trigger safety Yes
Optics Picatinny rail 20 MOA
Picatinny rail length 190 mm
Pressure gauge On the bottle which shows pressure in the bottle
Total length 755 mm
Max height 157 mm
Max width 35 mm
Bottle diameter 61 mm
Weight 3,3kg with buddy bottle
Charging type Foster coupling