With Alu bottle, fixed reg, classic buttpad, without bag rider, scope, rail extension, suppressor and bipod.

Winner of 50 yard at Extreme Benchrest 2019

Previous generation Prophet beat all its competitors at Extreme Benchrest competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2019.

Highest score at 75 yard EBR

Previous generation Prophet acheived all time high score at 75 yard, 240 points out of 250 points with 10 X's at EBR 2019.

Second Prophet shooter had 234 points with 8 X's and third Prophet shooter had 233 with 7 X's.

Multi Calibers

Prophet II is available in 4.5 (.177), 5.5 (.22), 6.35 (.25), 7.62 (.30) calibers and arrow barrel.

What's included?

In standard configuration, Alu bottle, fixed reg, classic buttpad and 20 MOA picatinny rail.

Performance package includes Carbon fiber bottle, externally adjustable pressure regulator, adjustable hammer spring tension.

New RPB Barrels

Prophet II in cal .22 and .25 is equipped with RTI's Proprietary Barrel which assures superb accuracy with pellets and slugs.

Side lever cocking

Tactical side lever cocking mechanism, placed on front left side for easy access and fast repetition.

70ccm Plenum

New Breech block with integrated 70ccm Plenum together with new Assisted valve gives great energy output.

Assisted Valve

Prophet II comes with new valve system which uses air from the barrel to close faster. It opens from zero to full in 1ms. This means Prophet II can reach great energies at low pressure with great efficiency.

Externally Adjustable Regulator

Prophet II Performance comes with the pressure regulator which can be adjusted from the outside using simple tool. It can regulate from 80 bar to 180 bar.

Standard Edition

On the image you can see standard setup of the Prophet which comes with fixed regulator, aluminium bottle, fixed stock/buttpad and 20 MOA picatinny rail. Tan Cerakoted colour is available as an extra.

Performance Edition

Performance package includes Carbon fiber bottle, externally adjustable pressure regulator, adjustable hammer spring tension. Tan Cerakoted colour is available as an extra.


Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator

To satisfy the most advanced shooters, we have developed a new pressure regulator for Priest/Prophet series which allows the shooter to adjust pressure externally without having to empty the tank.

Pressure can be regulated from 80 bar to 180 bar.

RTI Prophet/Priest Bipod Rail Extension with Arca Swiss Dovetail, Picatinny rail

In order to get greater accuracy, bipod should be mounted as far forwarder as possible. With Bipod Rail Extension you can now do that.

It also includes Arca Swiss dovtail for tripods and T slot for accessories.

Bag Rider

A lot of shooters asked us to make a Bag Rider to be able to get more stable platform when shooting.

Bag Rider is made from lightweight aluminium and is compatible with older versions as well.

RTI Hušh Suppressors Alu Tac or Carbon

RTI Hušh is a brand new suppressor for airguns. It comes in tactical black anodised aluminium or pure carbon fiber tube.

Inter-changeable Calibers

Calibers can be easily and quickly interchanged.

Ambidextrous Mag

Smart design of a magazine allows it to be rotated to the other side so it is lefty or righty friendly.

Suppressor ready

For those who want to add a Hušh suppressor, there's a 1/2" UNF thread under the cap.

Adjustable Trigger

First and second stage of the trigger can be easily adjusted down to 200g.

Powerful and Efficient

Prophet II with 220ccm bottle achieves consistent 43J in caliber 5.5 (.22) throughout its whole bottle capacity which yields out 60 shots. At 180 bar it can acheive 75 joules in caliber 5.5 (.22).

Technical information
*Data are related between eachother, e.g. in .22 caliber at 180 bar you get 75J and 16 shots with 220ccm.

4.5 5.5 6.35 7.62

Rifle can also be bought in 7J, 16J, 20J or 24J
30 - 50 43 - 75 55 - 100 70 - 125
Regulated pressure*
80 - 180 bar
1150 - 2600 PSI
Shots per fill*
100 - 18 60 - 16 50 - 12 45 - 12
Max filling pressure 300 bar (4350 PSI)
Plenum Volume 70 ccm
Bottle Carbon fiber or Aluminium bottle
Magazine capacity 14 12 10 7
Max pellet length in magazine
which still fits in the magazine (all calibers)
15 mm
Max pellet length single shot
which can fit in to the barrel without the magazine (all calibers)
16 mm
Trigger 2 stage, adjustable down to 200 g
Cocking system Side lever
Grip Standard AR15 grip (must be without beaver tail)
Barrel LW 20", 1:17,7", choked CZ 20", choked RPB 20", 1:20", light choke LW 20", 1:16", choked
Barrel length
51 cm
50 cm
50 cm
50 cm
Arrow Barrel Available as an addition (Arrows X7 2212)
Caliber Kits Different caliber kits can be bought as an addition so you can easily change a caliber of your rifle
Trigger safety Yes
Optics Picatinny rail 20 MOA
Picatinny rail length 190 mm (18 slots)
Pressure gauge On the bottle which shows pressure in the bottle
Total length Standard: 635 mm (25,0")
Performance: 655 mm (25,8")
Max height 160 mm
Max width 35 mm
Bottle diameter Carbon fiber: 52 mm (2,05")
Aluminium: 60 mm (2,36")
Weight 2900 g (6,4 lbs)
Charging type Foster coupling